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Red Light RPG Info + Downloads (W.I.P)


Red Light is my current RPGMaker project and also my first.
It’s very simple, needs work and is probably buggy too.
I hope to improve it over time and evolve the story and characters too.
If you have any advice, questions or find a bug, let me know asap so I can fix it!

In this game you play as Krystal Jung in her Red Light era style. You also get to have Jessica join your party and so far you have a mission to blackmail YG. That’s all so far, edits will be included as new things are added.


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All monsters are human.
American Horror Story: Asylum
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It worries me how my choice not to consume red meat, milk, fish and random other foods is apparently a stupid life choice that is going to ruin my health but if I labelled myself as vegan or vegetarian (thus cutting out a lot more food), people would think it as more justified. I’m not a hypocrite for refusing to drink milk but using it to make a cake, I just don’t like milk.

I don’t refuse to eat certain foods for moral reasons, I just don’t like them.
Is that not enough?

Now that I think about it it’s a similar argument to the ‘gender/sexuality’ debates, apparently you have to pick a route, follow it and believe in that route only. You’re vegetarian? What do you mean you don’t like celery?! You’re a freak. Oh, you’re not vegetarian or vegan? Why the hell don’t you just eat the pork then, just eat the damn thing it’s food, children are starving in Africa.

tl;dr - people don’t want you to embrace yourself, they’d rather you embrace their perception of you, even when it comes to your food choices.

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"I love you…"

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"why do you even watch Faking It, its really stu-"


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"She’s been my bestfriend since kindergarten. If I tell her, things will get weird and we’ll drift apart until one day we’ll meet in line at the grocery store and say polite "Hellos" and… pretend like we didn’t once know everything there was to know about each other."
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What if my heart says something really stupid that I cant take back?
Amy Raudenfeld, Faking It (via aswanepoel)
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Me in awkward situations.

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